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  • Die Grinder S-36-GBM in use

    A FlexArm Die Grinding system will save hours compared to doing die repairs by hand. What normally takes an operator an hour in precise weld removal will take 15 seconds with the FlexArm!

    The FlexArm is engineered to maintain perpendicularity at any horizontal or vertical location. Mounted in either position, a piloted carbide deburring tool allows the precise removal of weld, ensuring successful die repair. Make mobile die repair a reality using the optional magnet base mount.

    By moving the FlexArm to the die, repairs can be done efficiently inside the press or at a repair station.

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  • Die Grinder Horizontal

    Need to increase productivity - save time - enhance quality?
    Find your solution with FlexArm die grinding options and accessories:

    • Horizontal Adaptor
    • Magnetic Base Mount
    • Pedestal Mount
    • And More...